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Dan Jacobson

First of all, it was the cupholder, not the radio. Second of all, whoever kicked in the radio did you a favor, because the only CD that you ever played in that car was "Jewel: Pieces of You," with great lyrics like these ones from the song "Daddy":

Sometimes I sleep past noon, Daddy
Drink lots of black coffee and I smoke like a chimney.
Yes, I left the refrigerator door half open, Daddy.
What's that say about me?
Sometimes I want to rip out your throat, Daddy
For all those things you said that were mean.
Gonna make you just as vulnerable as I was, Daddy
What's that say about me?
Sometimes I want to bash in your teeth, Daddy.
Gonna use your tongue as a stamp
Gonna rip your heart out the way you did mine, Daddy
Go ahead and psycho-analyze that.

In the case of getting rid of that car, you're cutting off the face (the car) to spite the nose (the radio), and you're doing every one a great service.


I think I remember Mauve Thunder. Even if I don't, I just poured some Penzoil High Mileage 10W-30 onto the street before I took a sip. I'll miss her for what she gave you Collmdaddy. She gave you a chance to get out... and you did it... she'd be proud.

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