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Campbell Gibson


I was never much of a student of biology. However, I have got another one for you... all water runs downhill. That maybe overly simplistic, but true. I think to some degree, there are no proprietary jobs in the US.

Coming from a state where the two of the major employers (textiles, furniture) were handed over wholesale through trade agreements, I have seen it first hand. Our trade reps said that the losses were a foregone conclusion and that we were trading up the income scale. However, we now see that it is not just the low paying/low skill jobs are going. I am a free trader but at some point there has to be some quid pro quo in these negotiations. I am not saying I have much of an answer. But I do think we cannot willingly forfeit any industries employing millions of Americans, regardless whether they are basic or advanced.

Additionally, you are correct in the observation that foregin countries are not only attracting on price. The NYTimes had this article about it just yesterday. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/17/business/worldbusiness/17whirlpool.html

Biology might be scary, but basic subtraction can be too.


I am also not a student of biology, but I found your theory linking economics to osmosis quite fascinating and well explained. I heartily agree with you about bringing back a culture of investment!

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