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Ben Geyerhahn

As a long time Red Sox fan, I object to the hiring of the senior Angelos. Sox fans had to deal with Jim Ed Rice producing a steady stream of double plays toward the end of his career in the early 80s. I see no good reasons that the Orioles shouldn't also have to suffer. I'm rather enjoying the fact that there are two teams that have hired a bunch of worn out old stars that are simply not getting it done in the AL East.

However, if there is to be substitution, I have two other options. I think George Foreman would make a great fielder, much better than Angelos. He would definitely either draw some walks or feel comfortable leaning into a few pitches. Plus, Baltimore could pay his salary with the ad space behind him. How much do you think those grill people would pay for a picture of the grill right behind big George? My next pick is the "Worm". Yes, Dennis Rodman. With his rebounding ability and speed, he'd probably be a much stronger fielder. Of course, his plate appearances would be an embarassment, but the post game interviews would more than make up for that. The publicity would be great.


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