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Campbell Gibson

so i was just thinking you were very good at bowling and it was a means to show off your skills. or because they would not give you one of those sharp jackets unless you ordered 8 or more. or because alleys are good venues to raise cash for media ventures.

well thought out post on id. i have done a fair amount of reading in this area. i think your points about curricula are interesting. pbs did a major series on faith and reason which is worth checking out. the online information is very interesting and the individuals interviewed are fantastic. http://www.pbs.org/faithandreason/ in addition Sir John Polkinghorne should also be added to the ones listed. he is not only notable for his achievements in the realm of science, but also intersection of science and theology as an interdisciplinary field of study.

Rev. Dr. John C. Polkinghorne
-- John C. Polkinghorne is a mathematical physicist and Anglican priest whose treatment of theology as a natural science invigorated the search for interface between science and religion and made him a leading figure in this emerging field. Dr. Polkinghorne resigned a prestigious position as Professor of Mathematical Physics at the University of Cambridge in 1979 to pursue theological studies, becoming a priest in 1982. Since then, his extensive writings and lectures have consistently applied scientific habits to Christianity, resulting in a modern and compelling, new exploration of the faith. His approach to the fundamentals of Christian orthodoxy creation, using the habits of a rigorous scientific mind have brought him international recognition as a unique voice for understanding the Bible as well as evolving doctrine.

Dr. Polkinghorne has established himself as a scientist-theologian much more comfortable with traditional interpretations of Christian scripture and dogma. Still, he steadfastly defends the role of science in advancing understandings of the workings of the universe.

Dr. Polkinghorne established himself in the world of mathematical physics when science was being revolutionized with discoveries about sub-atomic particles. An important contribution was his creation of mathematical models that calculate the trajectory of fast-moving elementary particles. His work led to his selection as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1974.


Holy Christ all Nerdytalk... this discussion, I hate to admit, is over my head. Look at the cosmos darnit, it's right there in front of you! HA! That's what I meant... over my head like the MilkyWay Sized particle accelorator. I don't mean I'm too dummmmmmm... really I don't.

Colmbloggyblog, I must say... had I not imbibed a few bottles of wine with my mom and dad and biscuitfriend over dinner, I might wanna go back and find exactly which Carl Sagan book had that quote I'm thinking of. Dragons of Eden maybe?? Fuck I don't know...I also read some Joseph Campbell that addressed this very issue, as well as some Gehlek Rimpoche and Dali Lama easy readin', who both by the way, has some ridonkulous self control and meditative discipline... HOLLA!! Wish I could do it too fellas... but alas...

Shiatsu! I digress. Is string theory like String cheese? 10-11 dimensions of pure creamy tastiness? I'm sorry I don't get it right now... lemme examine that one in the morning. (hmm... have we just discovered that some theories are just too difficult for the human brain at certain moments?? That's how I feel right now... just dern lazy and sure o m'feelins...hmm)

I love bowling too... duckpin or candlepin or 10 pin? GOD strikes feel good. But enough pin knockin fun, let's get freaky people...

OK, here's what I, humble consumption/survival-obsessed small brained human being, thinks about this...

Didn't we cover this in the Scopes Trial of Nineteen somethin somethin? I remember reading Inherit the Wind in Middle School and thinking, 'Damn, they sure were silly to dismiss evolution back in the old south... but then again, most of em don't think black people are human so FUK EM'

Well to this very day, my point isn't too far off...

I believe that 'Intelligent Design' is a nice newfangled way of saying, 'We didn't come from no monkeys... it's YOU vs. US brownie'

If we'd like to get into the discussion of spirituality, I'd be GLAD GLAD GLAD to talk to you Jimmy Swaggart-hellbound-fugly-wife-havin-demon-shpacklers.

(And all you good people as well...)

I don't believe that God is some almightly honkeyass bearded male sitting in the clouds saying, 'Let there be mitochondria. Let there be Winged Fuckin Migration. Let there be Adam and let's have him take one of his ribs out and make Eve out of that and then eat an apple and all of a sudden, they're afraid to be naked!' And then a la Emeril Lagasse he goes BAM and everything's just sortof here.

Nor do I think that he/she/it/they are "Allah"-advocating beheadings and the killing of innocent civilians. Both extremist sides are thoroughly racist evil, self-serving fucks. Anyone who thinks our government is right... I ask you...we "Christians" are more than happy to kill 1,000,000 Vietnamese or 300,000 Iraqi cilvilians... but a 2,000 Americans die and WOW we're concerned all of a sudden? Life is life is life is life assholes. That's how I feel. Why don't all the Iraqi civilian deaths get the media attention that a few thousands American deaths get? A human being is a human being right? Soldiers are one thing, civilians are another. And our God-Lovin government truly doesn't give a fuck, as long as we accomplish our mission.

Yeah... 9/11?? Wanna mention that again?? I was there... I smelled human bodies being burnt and do you want to know what I honestly think? (See Reichstag, early 1930s, Germany. Motive is the most important factor in any crime. Think honestly about what has resulted and you may see it differently.


What's our mission again? Democracy? Freedom to have our officials elected by Supreme Court Justices who were appointed by daddy? Yeah that's right, I'm still pissed off. Hey George Sr... ever mention that your daddy did business with the SS? Right... thought you left that one out... I'm half-Jewish wish means I'm the same religion as your beloved Jesus Christ. Ohhh... all of a sudden it doesn't make so much sense does it...

Joseph Campbell equates a literal translation of the bible to going into a restaurant, looking at a menu, and saying, 'Ooooh, tasty' and then eating the menu.

The bible is literature people! It's fucking hearsay!! The New Testament wasn't written until a few hundred years after Jesus died for Godssakes. The Koran? Fucking HEARSAY as well. We can't even figure out who Paris is dating in this the year of our lord 2005 and she's in front of every camera out there spreading her little pink gospel.

I believe that "GOD" is the love that perpetuates mankind (sorry Paris, forgive me for that little extra bit of any-publicity-is-good-publicity... in my disdain for you, I suppose I've just exposed myself as an unforgiving charlatain. Not so hot, I agree.) But I digress again...

In the Shinto tradition, they say 'He who claims to know, knows NOT. He who knows he does not know, DOES.'

We don't KNOW. WE DON'T KNOW! That's what I think. How can anyone claim to know what God did??? He/She/It/They are way beyond our capacity of thought. However it happened, we'll NEVER EVER EVER know. Sorry Pat Robertson. And yes, God would love you to advocate the assassination of Hugo Chavez... it's definitely in his plan fuckwit. (Wait a second o seer of truth, why is he still here?? Gosh... very confusing...)

OK, cool. We don't know anything. So let's look at what we do sortof know and teach that in science class. Let's look at what we don't sortof know but we definitely do FEEL, and let's teach that in Religion Class.

In my humble opinion, religion is how we answer questions that are unanswerable. Religion originated because we needed answers. As human beings, we NEED answers because that's what enables us to evolve, learn, and survive. I also believe that religion has been hijacked for that past 3 millenia as an implement of control and violence and I worry that this will lead to our destruction as a species. Our president is an evangelical Christian for Godssakes... he thinks the world is going to END. I'm honestly NOT to pleased with that kindof attitude in the whitehouse. Sorry Ann Coulter you devilspawn conserviWHORE- it's just my humble opinion. Intelligent design? What do you think about it?

We as a species are naturally afraid of those that are different... it is in our genetic hardwiring... this is what has helped us to survive for x years...

And wow, if God wants US to be heir of this earth it's much easier to kill you oh pleisticine deer or you, scary cro-magnon nomad looking for the same food as us, or you bearded carpenter Jewish man, or you, turbaned brown scary muslim or you, world trade tower infidel or you, tibetan monk, or you, anything other than ME...

I'm tired of this keeping me up at nights. Please... please... whoever is deciding what to teach our kids... give em ideas that'll allow them to make up their own minds. I'm begging you... It's not about US vs. THEM. It's about US. US. US. Human Beings. Whoever thinks we don't have a shot... whoever thinks we're destined for Armegeddon, all I can say is...

I love chillin with my homeys. Ain't that reason for us to be around? We got some good stories God, just let us stick around and we'll tell em to you... you'll laugh, I swear to God.

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